Sunday, 25 July 2010

Grizzly Prospector - KDVS Radio Phone In 04.05.2010

Grizzly Prospector - KDVS Radio Phone In 04.05.2010

Wonderful extremely lo-fi mini concert over the phone from the wonderful 'Grizzly Prospector'
"Parker Yates phones it in from Farmington, UT. More great drone-y, brooding folk from this Utahan that could easily pass for a long-lost Depression Era 78 if it weren't for the Everly Bros./Beach Boys/Cat Stevens medley. Hopeful lullabies and fragile death chants for the frayed and unafraid alike"
Grizzly left a comment on the recent post of his 'Old Time Radio' album (HERE) with the following great news:
"currently working on two more releases. one of which includes re-recordings of musics from "old mountain radio". i'll be sure to keep you posted"
~ Thanks Grizz :)


Get Well Soon
Everyone Will Die Pt. 1
Everyone Will Die Pt. 2
Hohm/Not Alone
Devoted To You [The Everly Brothers] >
God Only Knows [The Beach Boys] >
Father And Son [Cat Stevens] >

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