Sunday, 25 July 2010

Spiritualized - Acoustic - Inspired By Iceland Concert 01.07.2010

Cover art - with thanks to 'KiDG'
Spiritualized - Acoustic - Inspired By Iceland Concert 01.07.2010

I never thought I would ever hear an acoustic session by Spiritualized but here we are! Hour long concert of classics. Should be great for fans. I don't know the tracks names so if anyone can could help I will post them. Thanks :)

Set List:

01 Sitting on fire
02 Lord let it rain on me
03 True love will find you in the end (Daniel Johnston cover)
04 Cool waves
05 Hey man
06 Soul on fire
07 Walking with Jesus
08 Going down slow
09 Stop your crying
10 Anything more / Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
11 Broken heart
12 Lord can you hear me
(With huge thanks to 'mystery falls down' for the track listing - Please re-tag as needed + change my spelling mistake!!)

PS Dont forget to check in the 'keep broken files' box to un-zip successfully if any problems occur


fakie Wilde said...

dude, this is a truly beautiful thing. Thank you so much!

tpm said...

The link is dead. Can you please reupload the files? Greatly appreciated.

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Function One (160BPM)