Sunday, 3 April 2011

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Ways of Meaning

Kyle Bobby Dunn - Ways of Meaning - Release date: 02/05/2011

Im excited to have this opportunity to announce the follow up release to Kyle's amazing 'A Young Person's Guide To...' due to be released early in May. Kyle is fast becoming one of the very best ambient/drone artists out there, indeed this new record will sit perfectly alongside such artists as Brian Eno and Stars Of The Lid. Kyle has put a lot into this record, searching deep into himself to pen some quite emotional and at times intense music. This provides the rare opportunity to really be able to share something of the artists intended emotions through the music. Another sublime quality of this record is the perfectly timed & measured composition within the structure of the music. Its this quality that, for me, puts Kyle's music up there with the very best in this genre.

[MF] - Dropping Sandwiches in Chester Lake mp3
Review - (a professional review...unlike mine! :)
A Young Persons Guide To... Very reasonably priced!

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