Thursday, 21 April 2011

Keith Kenniff - The Last Survivor OST

Keith Kenniff - The Last Survivor OST

It gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to draw your attention to a new album by Keith Kenniff (aka: Goldmund / Helios) Whilst being a long term fan of Keith's music in all its guises this in particular has the unique quality of really tugging the old heart strings. It can't be easy for a musician to write a score that supports and enhances the visual elements of a film but here I feel Keith has surpassed himself. The music is at times almost painfully sad yet at others gloriously uplifting. Maybe one of Keith's greatest works to date?
You may recall Keith kindly let me post some un-released works :here: from his personal collection a while back exclusively for visitors of Victory Rose. If you haven't already done so, then please check out this wonderful collection of music and if I may also encourage you firstly to go the website to find out more about this beautifully poignant film and secondly to check out the 'buy here' link as it leads to Keith's own site where you can purchase the album for a very reasonable price in any format you wish.
Ps: did you know he also now offers his services Mastering music?


1. Opening
2. Anchor’s Hold
3. Havelock
4. Everywhere
5. Care
6. Swifts
7. Aerial
8. Word Of Mouth
9. Clemency
10. Column Heals
11. Lux
12. Downward To Darkness On Extended Wings
13. Pine View
14. Over The Nest
15. Preservation Divine
16. Receives
17. Stranded
18. Yama

Please go here - The last survivor
Extended Trailer

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