Tuesday, 2 August 2011

James Blake - 2011.05.11 Bowery USA

Been looking forward for a long time to see how the sublime subtle electronica of Mr Blake would transpose into a live setting. I must say Im really impressed. Some comments a friend made who saw him live recently:

The punters went off when he played the first chords of ‘Limit To Your Love’ and the sub drops on that were FUCKING TERRIFYING . Seriously, about 6 or 8 times thru the gig the FOH guy really kicked the subs in the guts and the whole of the Metro started resonating with more rattles than a millionaire’s baby. When the 20 cycle drops hit thru a like 20kw PA, it felt like someone had wrapped a big woollen jumper tightly around your head while you were submerged in mud or honey with cotton wool stuffed deep in each ear canal. Couldn’t hear a thing other than the massive sub drops, the floor was rumbling like a train was going under your feet and light bars and fittings all were shaking in sympathy. At that volume and at that frequency, the whole room becomes a speaker and the place was shaking and throbbing. A guy in front of us literally went down in a heap when one of the loudest drops happened and everyone lurched down to help him back to his feet…lol! That whole super deep sub-harmonic thing was fucking amazing, especially to someone like me who wouldn’t normally be in a dubstep type/style gig. I mean I've seen LOUD bands a lot,…. hell. I heard/saw the biggest PA in the world recently when I saw accadacca TWICE up close, but nothing compared to this type of thing. Fucking loved it..;p

Set List:
1. Unluck
2. Give Me My Month
3. Tep and the Logic
4. I Never Learnt To Share
5. Lindisfarne
6. To Care (Like You)
7. Klavierwerke
8. Limit To Your Love
9. The Wilhelm Scream
10. Encore
11. Anti-War Dub
12. Enough Thunder

All Credit/Source + more info Here


norman said...

thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this. and thank you for this blog and the love you put on it. TAKK...

Jen said...

Hi, I sent you an email regarding this but I recorded this show and posted it on my blog with permission from James Blake. Please don't re-up my recordings as your own, just link to my page for our download link.