Saturday, 27 August 2011

Rhian Sheehan ~Standing In Silence~ LIVE Auckland Mercury Theatre - May28th 2011 - Exclusive!

Through recent conversations with Rhian he has most kindly allowed me to post and share this exclusively with you, the good people of Victoryrose Music. Im beyond grateful for Rhian's kindness and generosity of heart for sharing such as incredible concert. Rhian explained that this was essential a front of house mix with not much done to it and as such the quality of the audio is very similar to how it actually sounded...which by the way is phenomenal! I hope you take the time to listen and enjoy this master of modern composition. There are so many elements in the music that remind me of artists such as 'The Cinematic Orchestra' / 'Olafur Arnalds' / Helios / Sigur Rós / and more. In essence he manages to capture and combine something of the very best of modern day Electronica/Orchestral/Modern Classical/ music in a wonderful soundstage that presents an audiotorial experience that your mind can just drift along with and yet engage with on many levels. Superb stuff. A thousand thanks to Rhian Sheehan for sharing this with us. Rhian has a good heart and I feel it really comes through in the music

Standing In Silence - Live Auckland Mercury Theatre 28th May 2011  

01 Standing in Silence 1&2
02 Standing in Silence 11
03 Standing in Silence 2
04 Standing in Silence 5
05 Standing in Silence 13
06 Standing in Silence 10
07 Standing in Silence 9
08 Standing in Silence 7&8
09 Standing in Silence 6
10 Standing in Silence 3
11 Little Sines - Live
12 Tokyo Lanscapes - Live

[MF] M4a Lossless -  Part 1   Part 2
[MF] MP3 Download


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