Saturday, 27 August 2011

Rhian Sheehan - Seven Tales Of The North Wind

One of the most beautiful and engaging records I've had the delight to discover this year. If you like Sigur ros and the music of Jónsi & Alex you'll find yourself many times in this music transported to similar places. Rhian has somehow stumbled into a magical place where the music creates an un-common power and goodness deep inside,
 something like a place where the ego dissapears for a while and through  that the heart has free reign to create feelings and mindscapes that are especially joyful to be a part of. Although there is a lot of great music out there, this is something which to discover in new music I personally find quite rare.
The point being is that I find this to be a very special record that deserves special attention to followers of this blog in general and to those who have an affinity to the music of Jónsi / Jónsi & Alex / Sigur Ros in particular.
The album which clocks in at 33 minutes is priced at a very affordable $5.00 (so even people like me can afford to own a lossless copy! :)

From the press:
Ambient, dreamy & nostalgic


released 12 May 2011

'A series of beautifully textured soundscapes... there's a natural warmth to all of them that cries out: "Lend me your ears" ****½
- Sunday Star Times (NZ)

'A deeper resonance is achieved… Seven Tales of The North Wind succeeds not with a grand statement, but with a humble observation.'
– The Silent Ballet (US)

'Seven Tales makes for some of the most beautiful and heartfelt music that you will hear in a long time.'
– Tone

'Seven Tales will thrill fans of the Brian Eno ambient albums, transporting you to that dream-like waking state.'
- North & South (NZ)

'Seven tales told. Seven tales loved.'
– ASIP (UK) 


maNuel said...

Wow. I have been waiting so long for something to even closely resemble anything Jonsi & Alex produce. This comes so close.

Truly beautiful!

Fredrik said...

Yeah, I bought it right away. Amazing album, thank you.