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Sigur Ros - Gothenburg, Sweden 03.11.2005 Re Master 09

Sigur Rós - Gothenburg, Sweden 03.11.2005 Re Master 09

I think this concert will in time become known and loved as a classic in the collection of Sigur Ros fans. It easily stands out as the best show from 2005. All the usual attributes are there that make a great concert, crystal clear voice, wonderfully balanced instruments and amazing energy throughout but, what makes this one special is the bass. You really FEEL the bass as a tangible force beating on the ears. This may depend to some degree on listening through good headphones but nevertheless I think this is special. I love this concert!

Set List:

01 Takk
02 Glósóli
03 Ný Batteri
04 Sé Lest
05 Saeglópur
06 Njosnavélin
07 Gong
08 Andvari
09 Hoppípolla
10 Med Blodnasir
11 Olsen Olsen
12 Vidrar vel til loftarásá
13 Svo Hljótt
14 Heysátan
15 Popplagio

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