Wednesday, 22 April 2009

We All Inherit The Moon - S/T

We All Inherit The Moon - S/T

Another new discovery and a beautiful one at that. Its hard to describe so I will just borrow some words from someone else
"Measured and elegantly poised We All Inherit the Moon craft out the most alluring of fragile snow globed montages that we’ve had the pleasure of hearing in such a long while"
This really is a stunning debut. Originally released on 180g vinyl the album is currently offered by the band for free download. Just released is a split CD with 'The Ascent Of Everest' on offer for digital download at only $5.00 / £3.40. You can stream the entire album at the link below. I hope you enjoy this lovely music and will support the band further.
Also included are three lovely videos shot by friends of the band Sam and Rob

download album

download vids (only 25mb)
myspace - (order CD/LP)
website - (stream new album/buy digital)

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