Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Tumbled Sea - Melody/Summer LP

It is with absolute delight that I would like to announce the new 2nd release by the blissful 'The Tumbled Sea' You may remember I gave his 1st release my own personal Album of the year for 2008. He kindly allowed it to be posted here and downloaded for free [link]
You can listen and download the new album from the player just to the right.

" When I first received the e-mail announcing a new album from 'The Tumbled Sea' I downloaded the Loss Less version immediately without checking, because I had no doubts it would occupy a special place in my music collection, and I wasn't dissapointed. Its sometimes hard to write about such a subjective thing as your own experience of music, as it effects people in different ways but what usually turns me on to a particular piece of music is how it makes me feel and the visions and ideas that come through listening to it. In the case of the music of The Tumbled Sea in general and with this new album in particular - Im always left with a sense of deep peace, surrender, calmness, forgivness, completion and acceptance. Amongst the quiet joy that flows in this music there is a delicate hint of sadness that threads its way through both albums but its a sadness that comes from perhaps moving to a new and beautiful place whilst at the same time having to leave things behind. Also, for me this album lends itself to a beautiful imagery of walking through meadows with the one you love on a perfect summers day " I cant reccomend this music enough

UPDATE: The limited edition CD's are now ready and can be found here [LINK] Each one has been beautifully hand made and printed

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