Thursday, 30 April 2009

Message To Bears - Departures NEW ALBUM - Exclusive!

Message To Bears - Departures NEW ALBUM - Exclusive!

It give me great pleasure to announce the new debut full length album from 'Message To Bears'. This is a much richer and matured effort from Jerome's last offering 'Message to Bears - EP 1' (which he kindly agreed to be posted here for free download - [link]
'Departures' offers a wonderfully paced acoustic ambient album occasionally slowing, to include some beautiful thoughtful orchestral moments and at one point stopping altogether to leave you immersed in a rainstorm which has previously been built up with the music, now absent. This is great springtime music which will fit perfectly with the brighter days that are coming. Highly recommended.
There are 2 songs for exclusive download here along with links to a specially priced pre-order of this limited edition CD.

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