Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rameses III - I could Not Love You more - PREVIEW NEW ALBUM

Rameses III is one of my favourite folk/drone/ambient artists. Been waiting for this for a long time
Should be out at about 28th September - Pre order [here]

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Jimmy Casey said...

Jon...this is kind of weird, maybe you can provide some insight. A few days ago,in my Stat Counter results I noticed that someone had entered my blog from a google search for this album, which I had never heard of, hence had not posted about. I followed the link to the search and found my blog title and URL but the text was exactly, word for word, the same as what you have written in this post. Clicking on it just sent me back to my blog home page.

Any idea what could be going on? You can e-mail me about it if you'd rather not take up comment space.

BTW, what do you think of the new Tiësto track with Jonsi?