Monday, 29 March 2010

Jónsi - Studio Brussel Radio Session January 2010

Jónsi - Studio Brussel Radio Session - January 2010 (Mastered)

Two songs from a Radio Session performed for Studio Brussel back in January. A particularly nice acoustic version of kolniður. Good quality but there should be a higher one coming soon.
Thanks to 'idiotic' for making this possible

30.03.2010 - New High Quality
1. Boy Lilikoi
2. Kolnidor
3. Interview

[MF] MP3 Download
[MF] FLAC Download


ximeremix said...

very nice - but would love to have this in mp3 version too.

victoryrose said...

Sorry for the flac, because some of these files have been mastered from mp3 I cant re-encode them back to mp3 again as it would loose quality thus negating the improvments from the master. Feel free to transfer them to mp3 yourself though if you wish. Maybe with 'foobar'?

victoryrose said...

Actually, here is an mp3 version :)