Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sigur rós Tagging of FLAC & MP3

Following much discussion with those who know more than me about this sort of thing! The future & following Sigur rós concerts will all be re-tagged as follows

The tagging will follow the structure indicated in the example below:

FLAC - File Titles = sigurros_20060221_stlouis_01_glosoli
MP3 - File Titles = As Above BUT the tagging will be:
- Name of Song = Glósóli
- Name of Concert = 2006.02.21 St Louis
- (The track numbers will be hidden from the title but tagged)

This has come about to bring into line my masters with a unified taper standered system and a qualified MP3 standered tagging.
All my efforts to date have been to master as many of these wonderful concerts as possible. Because there has been over 10 years worth I have had to work as efficiently as possible to complete this project whilst I have the opportunity. Now I aim to correct any Masters than can be improved further and to focus on a more over-all 'qualified' product for you

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