Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Kyle Bobby Dunn - ...A Young Persons Guide To - EXCLUSIVE!

Kyle Bobby Dunn - ...A Young Persons Guide To - EXCLUSIVE!

Regular visitors to this blog will know that every now and again I come across a piece of music that inspires me so much that I write to the artist asking for permission to share some of their music with you as a download in the hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do. This is one of those times.
Kyle gave me permission to share a couple of MP3's with you from this release. I hope you like them. With much gratitude to Kyle:
[MF] Download tracks - Bonaventure's Finest Hour & Sets of Four


Kyle Bobby Dunn's new release 'A Young Person's Guide To...' is quite simply a master piece of drone. Since his last release 'Fervency' Kyle's music has matured into what has to be considered some of the very best music in this genre. With over 2 hours of music including many tracks over 11 minutes in length you are guaranteed to be in for a long and beautiful journey.

There will be inevitable similarities made with the music of Stars Of The Lid but where SoTL has a grandiose, orchestral sometimes cinematic feel Kyle's music has a softer, warmer , more mature feel. Kyle has somehow managed to blend the soft ambient elements of Brian Eno's music with the swirling minimal orchestral movements found in Masterpieces such as Stars Of The Lid's '...And Their Refinement Of The Decline' and Album of the Year, Eluvium's 'Copia' into what is a rare album of ambient/drone perfection that deserves to be an award winning album for 2010.

I can't recommend this album enough, it deserves a 5/5 star rating. As a long time follower and admirer of drone music I can confidently say this will take pride of place in the collection of any fans of ambient drone.

I should also add that the CD is available at a very reasonable price (and to my delight a very quick shipping time!)

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