Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sigur ros - The Pageant, St. Louis 21.02.2006 - Re Master 2010 V2

Sigur ros - The Pageant, St. Louis 21.02.2006 - Re Master 2010 V2

I was asked to re-upload this as the links had died but ended up doing quite a bit of work to improve the sound quality. Upon re-listening it seemed clear there was far too much high end in general which has been balanced out although this is not an easy concert to work with effectively due to the acoustics of the room and the inherent difficulties with audience recording (not to say I am not extremely grateful to the taper as are the people who attended)
Good quality and energy. The bass is punchy and warm, the voice is strong, well rounded and sits very well in the mix. Other elements of the sound are really nice as well, clear and balanced.
Thanks to Danny for the taping and sharing.

Set List:

01 Takk / Glósóli
02 Ný Batterí
03 Sæglópur
04 Njósnavélin
05 E-bow
06 Gong / Andvari
07 Hoppípolla / Með Blóðnasir
08 Olsen Olsen
09 Hafssól
10 Svo Hljótt Heysátan
11 Popplagið
12 Exit Music

[MF] MP3 download part1 part2
[MF] FLAC download part1 part2 part3 - So sorry, part 2 is now actually part 2!! *smacks wrist*


Anonymous said...

Hey y'all. Part 1 And Part 2 of the FLAC files are the same (Both for Part 1)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

I do apologise. Now fixed :)

Anonymous said...

Hey. Me again, thanks for Part 2, but now track 7 will not work for me. I tried downloading twice, but nada. Maybe it is just me. Thanks for any help, and I love this blog.