Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Grizzly Prospector - Old Mountain Radio

Grizzly Prospector - Old Mountain Radio

This record has been haunting me for a while now, offered for free download by Magic Goat Music. If your a teeny bit folky like me + you have a small penchant for music from the American Civil War period, then this will delight you no end. Its a wonderful collection of Lo-fi, warm, intimate songs. Imagine an old time miner stuck in a small shed during the harsh winter months in a run down gold mine long abandoned by all the other miners, writing songs of long lost loves & losses.
I just love this album & though I find it perplexing at times yet it intrigues me and induces me time and time again to return. :)

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grizzy said...

thanks for the kind words. i'm glad you enjoyed my musics. currently working on two more releases. one of which includes re-recordings of musics from "old mountain radio". i'll be sure to keep you posted. again, thank you muches!