Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Doors - 1968.09.20 Stockholm Sweden, late show Re master

The Doors - 1968-09-20 - Konserthuset Stockholm Sweden, late show SBD - Re master

This is the first really good soundboard Ive heard of the Doors. I wanted to do a bit of mastering on this show to try to bring the voice out of the mix a little bit. Im not sure I succeeded ! but it still sounds fantastic and perhaps more importantly really captures Jim Morrison at his best. The mix as a whole is a little one sided. I tried to move things around a bit to balance it out but in the end Ive just left it. Strangely enough with the studio recordings of these songs all the instruments are almost exactly in the opposite space within the sound stage than they are in this live recording!
Hope you enjoy this one, a little different from the usual posts.
NB: Ive included the source notes as I couldn't contact the person directly

Set List:

1 Five to one
2 Alabama song
3 Back door man
4 Youre lost little girl
5 Love me two times
6 When the musics over
7 Wild child
8 Money
9 Wake up
10 Light my fire
11 The end

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