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Jónsi - Vic Theatre Chicago, Illinois, USA 03.11.2010

Jónsi - Vic Theatre Chicago, Illinois, USA 03.11.2010

Lineage: Church Audio CA-14 Cardioid (DINa via hat-mount) > Church Audio CA-9100 4.0 > Darktrain mini-mini cable > Roland Edirol R-09HR 3.00 (Mic-in, unity gain, 24-bit/96kHz WAV) > SanDisk Ultra II 16GB SDHC > Transfer to PC via SanDisk MicroMate SDHC to USB adapter > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP) > CD Wave Editor 1.98 (Tracking, exported as 24/96 WAV) > Sony sound Forge 10.0b (Channels balanced, EQ, fades, minor editing, dithered to/exported as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP) > Foobar 1.0.3 (Tagging, converted to LAME v0) > Dime/TTD/Mediafire

The last time Jonsi played in Chicago was back in April. We where lucky to get an amazing recording from Jon G. Yet again Jon has delivered. Superb recording. Huge thanks to Jon G for taping & sharing :)
Jon G's Notes: After seeing Jónsi twice back in late April (at the same venue no less!) I was excited to see Jónsi for a third and final time. Mountain Man was surprisingly better than I was expecting and were enjoyable. Jónsi was just as delightful if not more so than the first leg of the tour, but, this time the incredible stage from 59 Studios didn't make it due to logistical and financial issues. A backdrop used in conjunction with two projectors took its place instead.
Visually the show was not spectacular as the first go around for Jónsi was, but, musically they were refined, and yet again Doddi made love to my ears.
A couple things to note about the recording:
-This time around the show was sold out and the place was packed. Because of this there are quite a lot of outstanding clappers heard between songs as well as a chatty duo to the right of me, although they aren't so bad.
-The sound was mixed much different than the April shows and although I wouldn't say it's better or worse than before, it certainly is cleaner. Whether a new sound man was operating the board or this is the Jónsi sound evolving or both, I can't say, but, it's still oddly pleasurable to listen to just as the previous two recordings are.

Set List:

01 Stars in Still Water
02 Hengilás
03 Icicle Sleeves
04 Kolnidur
05 Tornado
06 Sinking Friendships
07 Saint Naive
08 Go Do
09 Boy Lilikoi
10 Animal Arithmetic
11 New Piano Song
12 Un-named New Piano Song
13 Around Us
14 Sticks & Stones
15 Grow Till Tall

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Corey Bienert said...

I was right there. Front and center. Great show once again.

Thanks for providing this audio.