Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Kjartan Sveinsson - Credo & Cage a Swallow Can't You... 2010.11.15 - World Premiere - Web Cast

Kjartan Sveinsson - Credo & Cage a Swallow Can't You But You Can't Swallow A Cage - 2010.11.15 - World Premiere - Web Cast

I don't really know what to say about this performance because if I start to write about how extraordinarily beautiful I found it I would be here all night! Performed by the 'Latvian National Choir' The Worldless Music Orchestra' and conducted by Jeffrey Milarsky
As with the Riceboy Sleeps below, although this sounds wonderful there is some evidence of audio artefacts due to the nature of the fact it was streamed over the internet and as such there will be (I hope!) a better recording coming soon. However, in the mean time please enjoy this wonderful piece of music from someone whom I believe will soon become known as an accomplished and renowned classical composer

~Final full quality versions of Riceboy Sleeps & Kjartan Sveinsson posted above~

Also featuring the sublime 'Hilliard Ensemble' - 'Cage a Swallow Can't You But You Can't Swallow A Cage' 5 Sonnets featuring the poems of Anne Carson.

~See Above~

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asoio said...

Thanks for posting this, but the file titled 'Cage A Swallow...' doesn't contain Kjartan Sveinsson's piece, but only Busnoy's 'In Hydraulis'. Could you correct it please?

Amanda said...

Thanks you so much omg. Jon, you're amazing. If I win the lottery you're getting a portion of my win. :P

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Thanks asoio,
so sorry, pulled an all nighter to make sure I got this & made a stupid mistake due to tiredness most likely :( Fixing it now

Stizzl said...

I was floored last night when I heard the live stream, and I've been looking for a recording. You're a godsend - thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! The Hilliard Ensemble is not one of my favorite choirs, but anyway, it's great to see them joined with Kjartan!
It would have been better to join with Stile Antico, they're far better than Hilliard Ensemble in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Very tahnks Jon. This is amazing!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks for the job :)

andrea_myers said...

Thank you so much for these!! =)

asoio said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Credo is absolutely Glorious!