Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jónsi - Go Live DVD - Pre Order !

Jónsi - Go Live DVD - Pre Order !

‘go live’ is a film / live album double pack of jónsi’s hugely acclaimed solo show which is still going on as we speak. this beautifully conceived package includes reworked live versions of all of the tracks from the sigur rós singer’s debut solo album, ‘go’, as well as versions of all the other new songs he’s been playing on a tour that’s taken in four continents.

the film

the visual element of ‘go live’ is based around a film of the very first time jónsi and his band played the songs from ‘go’ to people at the final dress rehearsal for the tour in march 2010. filmed by fifty nine productions, the people responsible for jónsi’s celebrated stage design, the movie captures the never-to-be-repeated early stages of the productions development, in front of a small invited audience whose only price of admission was to dress as animals. interwoven with this footage is background interviews and behind-the-scenes clips of jónsi and band on the road, as well as exclusive versions of the unreleased ‘icicle sleeves’, ‘new piano song’, ‘volume pedal song’ and other untitled musical interludes to be found nowhere else. running time is 1 hour 14 minutes.

the album

the live audio part of the package is the entire jónsi hour-and-a-quarter live concert as played this summer, and features still more exclusive content, including ‘stars in still water’, ‘saint naive’, ‘icicle sleeves’ and ‘new piano song’, as well as a powerful live version of ‘sticks and stones’, the song written by jónsi for the end titles of ‘how to train your dragon’. housed in a hardback two disc “book”, ‘go live’ comes with lots and lots of personal pictures taken by the band on the road, throughout the 16-pages inside.

‘go live’ is intended as a finely crafted companion to ‘go’ and ‘go quiet’, and as such is being pegged at a special low price.


‘go live’ dvd tracklist:

1. hengilás
2. icicle sleeves
3. kolniður
4. tornado
5. sinking friendships
6. go do
7. boy lilikoi
8. new piano song
9. around us
10. volume pedal song
11. grow till tall

filmed live at 3 mills studios, london, 26 march 2010.

‘go live’ cd tracklist:

1. stars in still water *
2. hengilás
3. icicle sleeves
4. kolniður
5. tornado
6. sinking friendships
7. saint naive
8. go do
9. boy lilikoi
10. animal arithmetic
11. new piano song *
12. around us
13. sticks & stones *
14. grow till tall

recorded live at ancienne belgique, belgium, 29 may 2010, except * recorded at the dome, brighton, 14 september 2010.

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Ps: You get a nice little surprise when you pre order... :)


Anonymous said...

i ordered the dvd and cant wait! thanks! norman

Anonymous said...

I have listened to the download that I was sent in advance of the physical copy. Whilst the sound is undeniably excellent, I think that they have engineered most of the atmosphere away as well, and to be honest I much prefer to listen to Jon's recordings, they have a real 'as if you were there' quality to them :-)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Thanks for that comment. That very 'as if where there' quality is exactly what I try to achieve & hope that is the experience of listening to these concerts. :)