Saturday, 28 May 2011

EiTS - Ancienne Belgique - 24.05.2011 - Video

EiTS - Ancienne Belgique - 24.05.2011 - Video

This is the first new Explosions concert video we've had in many years and its been well worth the wait. They have such a huge selection of material to choose from now so with the inclusion of new songs, Explosions in the Sky are more than ever one of the best live acts playing today.

Set List:

01 Last Known Surroundings
02 Yasmin the Light
03 Catastrophe and the Cure
04 Only Moment
05 Postcard from 1952
06 The Birth and Death of the Day,
07 Your Hand in Mine,
08 Let Me Back In, The Moon Is Down

[MF] - Part 1 Part 2

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Anonymous said...

thank you very much!! i was at this concert! it was amazing!