Sunday, 8 May 2011

Peter Broderick - Questions & Answers

Peter Broderick - Questions & Answers

By chance I saw that Peter had invited people to email him from his website with any questions and he would try to answer them all. In a typically inspired Peter Broderick way, he answered 16 questions in words and music.
I thought this was a wonderful idea and was myself inspired to put them all together into a sort of 'fantasy album' to see how they fit together
I like it. I hope if you are also a fan you will like it as well.
I also hope it attracts more people to Peter's music... It really is rather good. There are 15 song/answers ranging from 28 seconds to 5 minutes including a couple of unreleased songs. A very lovely listening experience

Track List:

01 Dear Jana, Inspiration Question
02 Dear Diego, I Don't Understand the Question Question
03 Dear Bryan, Falling Asleep Question
04 Dear Andrew, Parental Musical Influence Question
05 Dear James, Creation Question
06 Dear Helena, What Has Music Allowed You Question
07 Dear Damien, Below It Question
08 :broken:
09 Dear Matt, I Wish I'd Written That Song Question
10 Dear Mark, Liverpool Question
11 Dear Colin, Life Long Question
12 Dear Fritz, Album Art Question
13 Dear Sandy, Words On Home Question
14 Dear Jarema, Lyrical Question
15 Dear Jed, Creative Drought Question
16 Dear Alex, Bella Union Song Question

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TV-Reports said...

Nice track list

Bryan R said...

Just wanted to leave you a note - question 3 ought to be "Bryan" - I am he. :)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Thanks Bryan - Duly changed :)