Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mono - The Manning Bar, Sydney 05.12.2009 - Video

Mono - The Manning Bar, Sydney 05.12.2009 - Video ~(.flv)

Another very nice 90 minute video of Mono from 2009. The video itself is very dark, intense with flashes of coloured shots (like the picture above) However the sound on this one is particularly good. Split with winrar into 3 parts. Im not sure of the set list but its a very pleasing one!

Set List:

Ashes In The Snow
Burial At Sea
Follow The Map
Pure As Snow
The Kidnapper's Bell
Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
Everlasting Light

[MF] Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


ginnsy said...

Hi. I was at that show. I went to get a setlist, but they didn't use them at the show. But I think it went something like this-
Ashes in the snow
Burial at sea
Follow the map
Pure as snow(Trails of the winter storm)
The kidnapper bell
Halcyon(Beautiful days)
Everlasting light.

At the time, I only had their last 2 cds. Halcyon(beautiful days) was simply,stunningly beautiful.

ginnsy said...

Wasn't that show in 2008?