Monday, 16 May 2011

Mr T. York - Solo (acoustic) 2002 - Re Master

Couldn't resist re-mastering this one as it was already good. If your a fan of the man then I think this will be a real treat. Fantastic quality. Tom alternates between acoustic guitar & piano. More info you can see from the set list! also some very nice album art is included in each of the uploads. Thanks to the taper & original uploader xx

CD 01 - 26.10.2002

01 Intro
02 Everything In Its Right Place
03 I might be Wrong
04 Sail To The Moon
05 Like Spinning Plates
06 There There
07 Pyramid Song
08 Lucky
09 After The Gold Rush

CD 02 - 27.10.2001

01 Intro
02 Street Spirit
03 Morning Bell
04 Nice Dream
05 I Might Be Wrong
06 Sail To The Moon
07 Like Spinning Plates
08 True Love Waits
09 Paranoid Android

CD 1 - Flac Part 1 Part 2
CD 2 - Flac Part 1 Part 2


KiDG said...

Oh man! Thanks for these!

ximeremix said...

Oh, a nice little mp3 would be nice...... please......

Anonymous said...

mp3 yes please? :)

victoryrose said...

:) ok, bear with me, real busy at the mo x

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Done! see post x

ximeremix said...

Many, many thanks

Anonymous said...

yes! thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful - thank you!