Thursday, 27 November 2008

Message to Bears - EP 1 EXCLUSIVE!

Message to Bears - EP 1 EXCLUSIVE!

I'm delighted again to be able to offer another album which has become a firm favourite of mine this past year, through kind permission of the artist. I will just post what the record company says as I think it says it all. I hope you enjoy this wonderful album by an artist who I hope will be releasing more music in the near future. Thanks Jerome.

What the label says:

Message to Bears is the alias of Oxford based ambient folker Jerome Alexander. EP1 was originally self released by Jerome back in 2007, but it quickly sold out as it's popularity spread. After appearing on the very first Dead Pilot release, I knew I wanted to work with Jerome further, so a re-release of EP1 was the perfect option to go for. Describing Jeromes music as ambient folk is only scratching the surface as so many influences can be heard in every aspect of his music. The only way I feel I can get close to giving you any idea of the sound of Message to Bears is to ask you to imagine Explosions in the Sky on acoustic guitars being led by Max Richter, playing your favourite song, on a hill top under the shadow of a tree, on a perfect summer evening. It's uplifting, nostalgic, hopefull, calm and it lives in you.

2. Found You and You're Safe
3. Good Morning
4. Swin
5. Green
6. Plane Over Evening Sky
7. To Make A Porttrait
8. Unfold

packaged in brown recycled card sleeve with screen printed back and front covers. ltd. 100.


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RRCM said...

Thanks for posting this :) Jerome makes great music and I'm glad he decided to share this. "Departure" is one of the better music finds I have made these past years.