Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Tumbled Sea - Songs By The Tumbled Sea - EXCLUSIVE!

The Tumbled Sea - Songs By The Tumbled Sea - EXCLUSIVE!

My choice for 'Album of the year 2008'

I'm delighted to be able to offer this wonderful album for download by kind permission of the artist. I have to say this is the best album I have heard this year. Not an easy thing to say but I hope you will download this music and try for yourself. So why is this album so good? Imagine a mix of Eluvium, Goldmund, Jasper TX, a touch of Max Richter and add Olafur Arnalds in love, and you should get an idea of the majestic, delicate, joyful excellence that is - Songs By The Tumbled Sea. As soon as I heard the first 3 songs on this album I immediatly e-mailed the artist asking where I could find a CD to buy. As it turns out Sam is not selling this album but has done it just for the love of music and has been giving just a few handmade copies to friends. However, through his kindess, here it is! There is so much in this album - classical, piano, ambient, drone, sampling. If you enjoy the afore mentioned bands or these genres then please download this ablum. Thanks so much to Sam for sharing this wonderful music with both myself and with you. I should add that Sam currently does not have a record contract - so download this now, while you still can as Im sure a record contract will be forthcoming very soon. Enjoy

download (192kbps)
download part1 (320kbps)
download part2 (320kbps)

thetumbledsea myspace

sigur ros-in a frozen sea Competition winner link


Anonymous said...

I've had this for a few weeks now and you're right - it's an amazing first release, unbelievably confident and beautiful tunes.

rhubarbidoo x

Alline said...

Really very beautiful. I didn't know.

PvC said...

I just downloaded this from BandCamp (so I actually paid for it!!), along with Melody/Summer.
There's a lot more titles there, if they're all as good as this, we're talking Major Talent here. Nice, comforting, beautiful themes.

Oliver said...

This was a lovely discovery! I am finding the track 'doves' is already a firm favorite. Some of the piano melodies are a little repetative, but I can tell this album is going to grow on me!