Monday, 7 December 2009

Sigur Rós - Ancien Belgique Brussels 06.11.2000 - Re Master 09 NEW!

Sigur Rós - Ancien Belgique Brussels 06.11.2000 - Re Master 09 NEW!

Im very happy to be able to share another previously unheard treasure unearthed from the vaults, especially being such an early recording. A lot of work has gone into this particular concert to get it where it is as the original was very low and not the best quality. I am however delighted how this came out. One thing I should mention. Its possible that this concert is too fast or it may be just that they played faster that night than usual. Rather than go through the laborious task of slowing it all down (with the real possibility of causing more problems!) I decided to leave it as is. Now that Ive listened to it a few times I don't notice the speed anymore so . . .
A million thanks to Bias whose kindness made this possible

Set List:

01 Fyrsta
02 Nyga Lagio
03 Von
04 Njosnavelin
05 Olsen Olsen
06 Alafoss
07 Viorara Vel Til Loftara
08 Sven G Englar
09 Hasfol
10 Daudlagio
11 Popploagio

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download p2
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!linus said...

thank you thank you thank you
i really will kiss you one day :^)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

A lot of how this blog turned out was down to you !linus so thank YOU buddy :^)

Bias said...

Jon,You really did a great job with this.It's not the best Sigur Rós performance here, but it was my first, a dreamlike experience and it remains untill now a very treasured memory.