Saturday, 19 December 2009

Peter Broderick - Unreleased Flikr Tracks

Peter Broderick - Unreleased Flikr Tracks

Along with 2 new tracks freshly recorded this morning (19th December) please enjoy over 1 hours worth of 14 new tracks that Peter has kindly offered for free download.
I have put them all together into 1 album with each photo tagged to each track as he intended. In his own words:
Two songs for your ears
I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. A sincere thank you to the people who have been following this page.

These last couple days I've been alone in the house with ice on my knee, making some music for fun. Messing around with computer loops and words and voices. I'm often filled with a desire to surprise myself and make something different. Good different, bad different, doesn't really matter... Anyhow, that's what I tried to do, and these two songs are what I came up with.
The two new songs are called 'inside out there' & 'these walls of mine'

And the other songs:

These are recordings that will most likely never be released (or rather, THIS is how they are being released), which I have posted here for free download, pairing them which an image and some text.

Download (tagged music+photos) - - -
Sendspace link (if you have problems with RS)
Flikr (source of music & photo's)


mystery falls down said...

Thank you for everything!

icastico said...

I'll have to think about doing something like this on my flickr page.

In the meantime, here's some music to share with you and your readers.