Thursday, 3 December 2009

In Session - Tiny Vipers, Tarentel, Mountains, Library Tapes, Gregor Samsa, Balmorhea, Adem

A selection of my favourite sessions from some of my favourite artists. All in one post because if I don't it this way it will take me ages to do each one! Quick summarys from the web included
Sessions are between 30 - 45 minutes in length. Some contain interviews.

Tiny Vipers 2009 - Transcending the mere folk tag (“She’s not telling stories; she’s after incantation and trance” — New York Times) - Download
Tarentel 2009 - Tarentel's sense of place is both concrete and amorphous, suggesting landscapes that are simultaneously familiar and alien, solid and shifting, glacial and arid. The band layers delicate, repetitive guitar grooves, computer blurbs, and found sounds into their dense and well-crafted productions to create infinite dramas in every song. Visitors to Tarentel's aural realm will be rewarded each time they listen to these tracks - Download
Mountains 2005 - Fond of clear and delicate soundscapes, Mountains’ Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp have been gathering praises since the release of their debut album last year. - Download
Library Tapes 2009 - . . . takes an emotionally wrought piano and allows it to languidly meander over a stirring landscape of half-glimpsed sonic sturctures and soundscapes that can't help but make an emotional impact on this listener. Gorgeous. Download
Gregor Samsa 2008 - With long standing ties to Richmond, VA experimental underground, Gregor Samsa blends the dynamic range of Godspeed You Black Emperor, the melodic subtleties of Slowdive, and the swirling guitar maelstrom of My Bloody Valentine into a fusion of hushed atmospherics and disorienting noisescapes. Download
Balmorhea 2009 - They shun the dynamics and electrics of rock. Instead, they hear a sound that is quieter and contemplative, a more refined music that's dipped in pastoral reverie, but touched by quirkiness. Download
Adem 2004 - Just two tracks from one my favourite ever singer songwriters Download
Enjoy . . .


RRCM said...

A fine lineup of artists. Great to see some Library Tapes!

köttglass said...

The lossless link seems outdated. Do you have Tiny Vipers lossless anywhere?

victoryrose said...

Which link do you mean? I didn't think I had posted any lossless Tiny Vipers

köttglass said...

I meant the "MORE INFO & FLACs:" one. I was under the impression by reading the text to the right that you posted lossless versions there.

victoryrose said...

Oh I see. There are 3 victoryrose music blogs. All are dedicated to live Sigur Rós concerts that I have re-mastered. This one is MP3. victoryroselossless is all FLAC. Originally, to get permission from the various sources that I downloaded all the concerts from it was agreed I would provide all the information on the right. Sorry for any confusion. Any music other that Sigur Rós on this blog is just offered because I think its really good and fans of SR are likely to like it

köttglass said...

Thanks for the clarification!