Saturday, 20 March 2010

Jónsi - Radio 1 Live Lounge Session 20.03.2010

Jónsi - Radio 1 Live Lounge Session 20.03.2010

A beautiful 2 song session from Jónsi with a mind blowing cover of MGMT's 'Time To Pretend' Both downloads contain pics from the session :)

Download FLAC (new links 06.04.2010) FLAC (Alt link if 1st fails you 4.5.2010)
Download MP3 (new link 23.03.10)
Download Songs Only
(I noticed a tiny bit of distortion on 1 of the tracks - If you havn't noticed its ok. IF you did notice then you are an audiophile & can download again - 'Time to Pretend')


Me case con la lluvia said...

This band give makes me feel in peace! great blog!

Anonymous said...

thanks a ton really!!!!!!!

Facundo.- said...

Archivo dañado :(

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Hi, I'd like to know about MGMT. I've heard a lot about them and I am really curious. Besides, if they play with Jonsi, then I guess they must be a really good band.