Sunday, 9 January 2011

2001.04.13 Szene Wien, Vienna - Re Master

2001.04.13 Szene Wien, Vienna - Re Master

Lineage: SBD

Quality/Performance: 99/100

I had done a previous master on this one but realised during the process that the previous version was an FM broadcast where as this version is a soundboard! and as such the quality is just about as good as you could wish for in a live recording. What is particularly impressive is the soundstage... Listen to the drums during the latter parts of Von and you will see what I mean. The quality & performance of this one put its easily within the top 5 of all time great live Sigur Rós recordings. Just wonderful. Phenomenal almost 2 hour long concert.

NB: There are some drops in the very quietest sections of the audio although not enough to spoil the recording. This is due to the settings on the compressor which I used. Because the over all sound was so good I didn't want to change anything so Ive left these [very slight] faults in.

Set List:

01 Intro - Fur Alina

02 Nyjá Lagio

03 Fyrsta

04 Samskeyti

05 Olsen Olsen

06 Von

07 Ny Batterí

08 DaudlagiÖ

09 E-Bow

10 Hafssól

11 Sven-G-Englar

12 PopplagiÖ

[MF] Download MP3 - Part 1 Part 2

[MF Download FLAC - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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