Saturday, 29 January 2011

Peter Broderick / Ólafur Arnalds - Autumn Falls Festival, Botanique, Brussels 28.11.10

2 concerts of firm favourites here at Victoryrosemusic shared with gratitude by mr !

Peter Broderick @192mp3

01 Looking /Thinking
02 Guilt's Tune
03 The Book She Wrote
04 Below It (feat. Arone)
05 [equipment check]
06 New Film Score (feat. Arone)
07 Pop's Song
08 Everything I Know (feat. Arone)
09 Not At Home (feat. Arone)
10 Games Again
11 With The Notes In My Ear (feat. Arone)

Ólafur Arnalds @192mp3 (Incomplete)

01 þú ert sólin
02 þú ert jörðin
03 tunglið
04 loftið verður skyndilega kalt
05 0953
06 An aside on Chocolate & beer
07 hægt, kemur ljósið
08 Fok
09 Endalaus II
10 Gleypa Okkur


Skiel Groove said...

Thank you very much for sharing Oli's boots!

RRCM said...

The Peter Broderick & Arone concert is excellent! Thanks for posting :D

Anonymous said...

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Check it here:

All the best!