Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sigur Rós - New Concerts + News

Im posting all the Live Sigur rós FLAC's/MP3's/VIDEO's over on Victoryroselossless now. Im slowly working through them all with the aim to offer the very best possible quality & consistency. Almost finished the 2000's. Some incredible concerts to come from 2001 as well as many previously unheard.
Still in the process of changing the format to get the best out of the site... :)

Also, due to specific requests, there are some concerts that have been re-mastered that are off a date ahead of where Im up to posting wise so I'll post those here until I catch up with that particular date.

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Just realised... The title might be a little misleading, so . . .
Sigur Rós News:
As of January 2011

Jónsi has now finished his world wide tour promoting his solo album 'Go'. The band are planning to meet up this year with a view to writing more songs. (There is already a fair amount of material around which they have written on and off in 2010/9) Its quite possible there will be a new album this year but any actual concerts in 2011 are doubtful.
Jónsi briefly mentioned he has been playing some new kind of music and that he hasn't done anything like it before. From a brief video clip it sounded a little 'Frakkur' like. Maybe he will record some of it??
We 'should' also see the release the Sigur Rós Concert Video soon :)


Anonymous said...

Where can we here this new stuff!?

victoryrose said...

I can't remember :/ I think its part of a video diary somewhere on Its literally only a few seconds of Jonsi playing a tune on a laptop keyboard... which sounds a bit frakkur-ish. I think he said/I read its something that [Im terrible with names!] the bass player had shown him and that he was making some music in a way he had never done before.
If I find it, I'll post a link

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

I found the part with the keyboard bit: Its on the Video 'Go Live' @7.40min. Thinking about it, him playing this bit of music & the comment he made about making a totally new kind of music are different events although they may very well be related! The video bit certainly sounds interesting :)

al said...

Hi! I wonder where you found this Sigur Rós news, I can't see it on their website? And I am glad to see they haven't really thrown all their 2009 work out as Jónsi has said... I was sure they had not... ;)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Some of it was said by jonsi himself [about writing more SR songs in 2011] during recent interviews & some by people close to him.