Thursday, 13 January 2011

Motion Sickness Of time Travel

If you are a fan of 'Emeralds' & you haven't yet heard of 'Motion Sickness Of time Travel' then this is your lucky day. You can find a copy of their latest release 'Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious' over on Boomkat
If you go their Bandcamp store they have some incredible music at the 'Pay Whatever You Want Rates!!' (for which I prostrate to them for). If you go straight to track 3 on the Album Awakening I think you'll see why, as a huge fan of Emeralds I'm real excited about this find :)


Anonymous said...

mark mcguire is incredible and I CANT wait to see him live

Anonymous said...

Hey fans of this may be interested in the new EP by Weird Ribs. Titled 803 Days it's a journey through space via electronic beats, rhythms and drones.

Check it here:

All the best!