Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Jónsi - Laugardsholl 2010.12.29 RUV FM Radio Broadcast - Last Concert !

Image/s: Bjossilu
Jónsi - Laugardsholl 2010.12.29 RUV FM Radio Broadcast - Last Concert !

Exactly the same concert as the webcast only this one is recorded from the radio directly in Iceland (notes included with upload) Only available in FLAC. Well worth it though! Its fitting that this last concert of Jónsi's is by far the best live quality recording. The way its been mixed is just sublime. I absolutely love it!

Set List:
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Anonymous said...

Does this have a different lineage than the one on DIME (torrent 338364)?

The MD5s are different, but that may be simply because you added/adjusted tags.

Also, that one has 14 music files, but this one has 15. If it's the same recording, I assume you manually split one of the files to separate the two songs.

Anyway, I don't want to bother downloading the same thing again on DIME, if this is identical soundwise.



Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Same as Dime although I split the tracks / re-named them to give the correct listing. Brightened it up a little as the Mix was quite flat, you may appreciate the difference but its its more of an audiophilic type difference rather than something big enough that your regular ipod user may notice

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll download the DIME copy then, as I prefer to have a pristine recording.