Friday, 16 January 2009

Epigram - Anything That Comes To Mind - EXCLUSIVE

Epigram - Anything That Comes To Mind - Debut Album EXCLUSIVE

Its rare that I buy an album after just a cursory listen but with Epigram I made an exception. What first struck me and what it is that puts them apart from other Post Rock Bands is the whole range of emotions that you can actually feel coming through the music. There is enough of the 'Rock' to satisfy but its in the quieter moments that you cant help but feel these guys are actually happy. When listening you cant but help be re-minded of 'Explosions In The Sky' but I think in a good way. Actually both these bands remind what it is I like about Post Rock, and that's how a good song can conjure up a multitude of images and with 'Epigram' I really like what I am seeing.
I asked the band if I could post the songs from their My Space site in full 320kbps MP3 so you could more appreciate this great music. I was mightily impressed to find their full album available at iTunes for only £5.00. Enjoy this excellent Post Rock

Track List:

02 Fear Of Heights
04 What's Mine Is Yours
07 This Is Not Where We Are Supposed To Be


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