Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sigur Rós - Rare and Unreleased

Two new songs in the rare section (post 5 & 6)



Emeline said...

I discoverd your blog about Sigur Ros and it's fantastic!!!!
Can you have the audio from the song "Debata Mandire" sings in duet by Jonsi and Kjarri?
It's will be great to post this! Thanks so much!

victoryrose said...

Hi Emeline
Im glad you like it. You can find it in Album 1 Rare & Unreleased - track 03 Duet, although let me know if you just want the song itself posted

Emeline said...

Thanks so much! I'll download them! Thanks, Thanks Thanks!
Where did you find the pics who are with the articles! There were so beautiful!

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french!

victoryrose said...

Your english is Tre jolly ! Sorry for my bad french!!
pics = 1, google images+year of concert+sigur ros

2) sigur ros tour photos from the site -

3) Somewhere I have posted 480 pictures of sigur ros on this site!!

Thanks again mes ami

Emeline said...

Thanks so much for your answer! It's a great please to come here!
Thanks for all!

victoryrose said...

ce mon pleasure. If you have any requests u can e-mail me

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these great tracks.

Do you have a copy of:
svefn-g-englar (demo)

I'm not sure if it's different from the same track on the first master of the album:

dadic said...

hohoho look what we got lol and i thought I had ALL SR's tracks ever released. guess i was wrong. thanks mate. much appreciated