Thursday, 15 January 2009

Our Ceasing Voice - Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky EP

Our Ceasing Voice - Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky EP

I had a request to post and review this so here goes. I have to say from the outset, this is excellent Post Rock. Within Post Rock itself, as a genre you can find different styles. These guys are in the realms of BIG and EPIC Post Rock. There is a great theme of grandeur and immensity that runs through this music, a feeling of power. Playing this live you would feel 10 feet tall. I also love the way it goes from walls of Post Rock power to a simple acoustic finger picked tune. This is quite heavy music but if you like that style you will love this. The best thing I can say about 'Our Ceasing Voice' is that they remind me of 'The Evpatoria Report's - Golekva' which for me is perhaps one of the best Post Rock Records ever written.

Track List:

01 - the inevitable fall
02 - of lives once lost
03 - as the horizon's on fire
04 - dazzled eyes are shut.

This EP is available for download at a very reasonable 5 euros+p&p Here
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SPECIAL EDITION IS OUT NOW!!! on their myspace with 4 bonustracks!