Friday, 2 January 2009

Sigur ros - Alexandra Palace London - 21.11.2008 - Re-Master 2008 (complete show)

For a Minor Reflection/ Sigur ros - Alexandra Palace London - 21.11.2008 - Re-Master 2008 (complete show)

Lineage: GM Standard > GM Battery Box > iRiver H320 > Audacity (Hard Limiter) > CD Wave (tracksplitting) > Trader's Little Helper > flac > wav>re-master > flac

- Sincerest apologies to the taper of this show Jan Willem. This show was posted as MP3 when in his notes he clearly states his wishes not to share this show in a Lossy format. Im not sure how that was missed, but again I can only apologise and hope this hasn't caused any distress. Jan has however kindly consented to allow this concert to be shared in a Loss Less format

Set List:

01 intro
02 Svefn G Englar
03 Glosoli
04 Ný batterí
05 Fljótavik
06 Við spilum endalaust
07 Hoppípolla
08 talking
09 Með blóðnasir
10 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
11 E-bow
12 Sæglópur
13 Festival
14 Hafsól
15 talking
16 Gobbledigook
17 encore
18 All alright
19 Popplagið

download p1 FLAC

download p2 FLAC
download p3 FLAC


ximeremix said...

you might not believe this (and I haven't downloaded all the parts of this yet), but I am the person who starts the woo-oo-woo bits for Med Blodnasir!!!!

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Really?! I might just edit that bit out and upload a post of it so you can download your self !! : )

ximeremix said...

Just listened to it..... you can't hear me. The world breathes a sigh of relief! (unless that's me, completely out of time to the rest of them).
You're right, the sound isn't up to much (but better than some concerts I've heard), but beggers can't be choosers.

_tunic_ said...


you are sharing my recordings in mp3 format. I would appreciate it if you would remove these files from your site. Feel free to share the original flacs, together with the original info file.

I quote from my own info file:

Please don't sell!
Please don't trade in lossy format!
Support the band. Buy their album(s), go see their shows.

that should have been clear enough, Please READ next time before sharing other people's recordings without asking!!!!