Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Last Days - The Safety Of The North - EXCLUSIVE!

Last Days - The Safety Of The North - EXCLUSIVE !

Ok, so the story goes : Im in a bar waiting for a concert to start and I get talking to a friend of a friend and we start talking about playing and writing music. Something he says prompts me to ask "have you ever written any music that been produced?" After a bit of digging he admits to releasing a small CD under the name of Last Days. At this point I fall of my chair !! I could hardly believe that next to me was the artist who produced what was for me one my top 3 favourite albums of the last year. At this point my friend arrives who then in turn falls of his chair in amazement. We both rate this album as one of our all time favourites. After a bit of arm twisting Graham kindly connsented to allow me to post a couple of songs from the CD. I wont say anymore other than, please try this music, its wonderful and comes from a really beautiful place.
From the experts:
About Last Days
"...This third Last Days album is quite an achievement and surely one of the very finest things the n5MD label has released in some time. Highly recommended." (Boomkat) "...What earmarks The Safety Of The North as proper prize-winning poetry and not just an hour and six minutes of syrup is its bejeweling with perfect detail: it’s a struggle to hear this and stop oneself slipping into personal layers of reverie..." (Cokemachine Glow) "...Like previous Last Days outings, hope is the prevailing emotion. Either testament to its strength or the fact it is arguably the only constant emotion in life. On ‘The Safety of the North’ it radiates stronger than ever..."

'Fracture' & 'Blue and White Flowers'
website (Listen to the whole album here)


Anonymous said...

"...for me one of my top 3 favourite albums of the last year."What are the other two? Just picked this one up, very nice! Thanks again for the recommendation; I've discovered some great new music through your blog :)

victoryrose said...

Oh no - someone one pinning me down on my ever changing top favorites . . . Hmmmmmmm. Best one would have to be Tumbled Sea (the first one s/t) some other favs:
Peter Broderick - Float & Home
Riceboy sleeps - s/t (sublime!) out 20th june
Gentleman Losers - Dustland
The Boats - Los musicos peridos
Our Broken Garden - When your blackening shows
- - email me if you want a few more :^ )