Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sigur ros - Westminster Great Hall, London 24.06.2008 Re Master 09

Picture: Jenny O'Neil (thank you)

Sigur ros - Westminster Great Hall, London 24.06.2008 - Re Master 09

Lineage: DPA4060 > MMA6000 > MT2496 > WAV (24/44.1) Location: 2nd row DFC (standing), mics clipped to collar Transfer: USB > WAV > audacity 1.3.4-beta > WAV > flac 1.2.1 ("flac -V -8 *.wav") Re master>

By Request:
Nick requested I post this one as he was there on the night and wanted to re live the experience but also specifically to listen to the version of Viðrar vel til loftárása they played on the night as he said it was particularly stunning. And of course he was right! Its a beauty. During this tour Jonsi uses a different effects pedal for the distorted feedback which you hear to full affect during the opening few minutes of Viðrar. The Re mastering has given this recording a wonderful lift but it should be noted that Jonsi's voice does appear quite far to the left in the stereo field. Not that this effects the quality or enjoyment of the show but it needs to mentioned. Stephen, the taper dedicated on his notes, this recording to Julie. Thanks to Stephen for his kindness in sharing.

Set List:

01 intro
02 Svefn-g-englar
03 Glósóli
04 Sé lest
05 Ný batterí
06 Við spilum endalaust
07 Hoppípolla > Með blóðnasir
08 Fljótavík
09 Viðrar vel til loftárása
10 fade out
(Disc 2:)
01 fade in
02 Sæglópur
03 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
04 Olsen olsen
05 Hafssól
06 Gobbledigook
07 Popplagið
08 All alright

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NiCK said...

yessssssssss! AWSSOME STUFF :D

Emeline said...

Thanks so much! It's fantastic!
Can you have the video downlad of their concert to Lownlands?

victoryrose said...

yes ! i will upload it tonight onto victoryrose video - sorry i though i had already done it !

Emeline said...

Thanks so much! I wille patiently

victoryrose said...

bit busy but here is links:

Emeline said...

Thanks so so much!!!

victoryrose said...

np - you know you have to download all 4 right?

Jen O'Neill said...

Hi, the yellow pic of Jonsi is one I took at Latitude back in 2008 for the BBC. Please could you add my name and website as a credit. Thanks.