Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sigur ros - Orpheum Theatre, Boston 07.02.2006 - Re Master 09

Sigur ros - Orpheum Theatre, Boston 07.02.2006 - Re Master 09

With this concert we start the 2006 series. Quite a nice show. The bass is fairly prominent and with the over all sound and feel being soft and gentle this is a nice one to start with. Thanks to T Harrington for kindly taping this and sharing.
Note: I will be posting all concerts from now on with fixed SBE's as standard.

Set List:
01 Takk
02 Glósóli
03 Ný batterí
04 Sæglópur
05 Njósnavélin
06 Gong + Andvari
07 Hoppípolla + Með Blóðnasir
08 Olsen Olsen
09 Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása
10 Svo Hjótt
11 Heysátan
12 Popplagið

[MF] Download part 1 part 2


ximeremix said...

Are you sure that you have got the right concert here. This has E-Bow and haffsol at least that is different to the tracklisting on 18 seconds...

ximeremix said...

Ah... You've posted the same concert twice - they are both the Pageant Show from St. Louis!!!

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Sorry buddy. Now fixed DOH ! Thanks

The Post-Apocalyptic Photographer said...

Could you re-up this link? It's down.
It'd be much appreciated!

victoryrose said...

New links on the way 17.02.10
thanks for the heads up

March to the Sea said...

glad people dig this boston show I taped!