Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Murcof - RNCM Theatre, Manchester - 14.05.2009 EXCLUSIVE !

Murcof - RNCM Theatre, Manchester - 14.05.2009 EXCLUSIVE !

Zoom h4 > Re-Master > FLAC SBE/MP3 320kbps

The headline gig for the start of the Manchester Futuresonic Festival. Absolutely breathtakingly brilliant show. The sound in the theatre was great, as you would expect from the Royal Northern College of Music. The light show supplied by AntiVJ was exceptional and fitted the music of Murcof perfectly. Amazing 3D effects projected through 3 layers of see through cloth. A fantastic sounding concert. Thank to Dave and Graham without whom this wouldnt have been possible and to me the taper : )

Set List:

01 Oort
02 Cielo
03 Cosmos I
04 Unison
05 Mir
06 Death Of A Forest
07 Cosmos II

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Anonymous said...


I am a massive murcof fan and have recently been blown away after seeing the anti-vj work! I was devastated that I could not attend!

So appreciative of all the work you put into this!

Again, Thank You!

Anonymous said...


I was blown away by this performance. I wish I could go again! At least now I can listen again. Thank you.

BTW - do you mind if I make a torrent?

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Yes please do make a torrent. If you could kindly just include info: Recorded and Mastered by myself and a link to this blog and the lossless blog that would be most appreciated. Thanks &
also an email:
thanks again

Anonymous said...

You can find the torrent here:

Anywhere you would suggest I upload it?

(BTW - I let the blog speak for its self.)

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Thanks so much for torrenting the show. I appreciate the effort you went to as Im sure the fans will. Not sure what your question means? (sorry i have the brain of a little old lady sometimes)