Friday, 9 April 2010

The Album Leaf - Deaf Institute, Manchester 22.03.2010

The Album Leaf - Deaf Institute, Manchester 22.03.2010

An amazing concert with over 90 minutes of music playing to a packed house. This was Jimmy's 1st time playing in Manchester and he clearly enjoyed it. A quartet of classical musicians came to help play some of the songs from the RNCM. I think Jimmy really appreciated them being there. It was lovely to watch him stop playing and just stare up at the girls playing their parts with a rapt and appreciative attention.
I was road testing some new mics at this concert. The sound is fabulous and Im very happy with them BUT because the venue was very small and the bass was ridiculously loud and 'present' (no offence, just my personal view!) there is some 'fuzzy' distortion in the background, present at the lower end but, all in all its a great concert.

Set List:

01 Perro
02 Blank pages
03 There is a wind
04 Within dreams
05 Falling from the sun
06 Stand still
07 Twentytwofourtenn
08 The outer banks
09 Shine
10 Until the last
11 We are
12 Vermillion
13 Almost there
14 Wherever I Go
15 On your way
16 Always For You
17 Red-Eye
18 Tied Knots

[MF] @320mp3 Part 1 Part 2
Tr 04 & 09 (if any problem extracting)
NB: If youre interested - Mics used


pconroy said...

Such a beautiful venue, wish I was still there

Anonymous said...

Caught Album Leaf in San Francisco in February, with pretty much the same set list. Amazing. Thank you for this!

ps. track 9 is "Shine"

Victoryrosemusic admin said...

Thanks for the track title :) x

RRCM said...

I went to a great Album Leaf concert recently and I encountered a similar issue with the bass as well. I think you did a good job with this recording as the bass doesn't feel as intrusive as I remember :)

RRCM said...