Saturday, 24 April 2010

New Sigur rós album for 2011 !!!

Update 03.2011:
~The live DVD from the London concerts late 2008 is in final production, a final edit has been completed. No info. on release date yet
~News coming soon with regard to the 10 Anniversary Agaetis Byrjun

" yep the SR hiatus isn't indefinite, it's temporary. they start rehearsing new songs next month as far as i know. not sure what journalist first invented this "indefinite" label, makes it sound like it's gonna last forever."
bjossi - Jónsi/Sigur rós - Managment team

& from Jónsi himself
" Im going to tour for the rest of the year and in between touring I'm going to try to meet the guys from Sigur rós and we are going to record some more songs and a new album in 2011"
1Live interview - 01.04.2010

Update: Jónsi said last week that he is really looking forward to getting back into the studio with the 'boys' to start playing [recording] music again :D 08/12/2010


The Scrybe said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gooooooooooooooooooood!!

Thanks for the notice :)

victoryrose said...

*dances round the room*
On the video, when Jonsi says that, he grins like a naughty boy... and there is NO reaction from the interviewer or the crowd!!
I was 'Whooopppiingggg'

Jamilah said...

...abou time, I say ;-)))

M.C said...

Muchas Gracias por la música.

Desde Madrid

mohit kumar said...

i am dying to feed my soul with their new stuff...peace...from india

Christoffer said...

any new news?

victoryrose said...

No new news. The Sigur ros live DVD is in its final editing & is having its final checks but as for a release date...?
As soon as any news arises I'll post it here :)

Christoffer said...

lovely! sounds great dude :)

sonic fan said...

Great news, waiting, waiting, waiting! Sad, but Jonsi solo was a little disapointment for me