Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Jónsi - KCRW Radio Session 19.04.2010

Jónsi - KCRW Radio Session 19.04.2010

Be excited! This is one of, if not the best session yet. Superb sound from the wonderful KCRW Studio's, some different versions of songs and finally a superb quality 1st appearance of St Naive.
Fantastic show with superb quality sound

Set List:

01 Stars in still water
02 Icicle sleeves
03 Kolnidor
04 Sinking friendships (acoustic version)
05 Go do
06 Boy Lilikoi
07 St. naive
00 Interview

[MF] Flac - Part 1 Part 2
[MF] VIDEO - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Phinot said...

I want to thank you your work. Congratulations for this job your do! I'm really really happy to find things like this! thank you!

victoryrose said...

Thank YOU for your kind comment. Knowing it brings pleasure to people like yourself are what makes all the work on this blog worthwhile

Mádi Gábor said...

how can i open the video? i cannot put the 3 parts together :/ thakn you, btw!

victoryrose said...

Hi Mádi, probably the easiest way is to download 7-zip (free zipping utility) Then >right click p1>extract files.

Fernando Márquez López said...

just found this, and would love to have it; problem is, links aren't still functional...any chance you can upload them once more? thanks in advance!