Friday, 9 April 2010

Helios + Goldmund - Unreleased Music - WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

You may remember Keith Kindly let me post some unreleased tracks a while back from his personal Un-Mastered MP3 collection. [LINK] Im happy to announce he has released a new album of new previously Un-Heard Music from 2000-2009 called 'Unleft' I've heard some snippets & it sounds just beautiful. You can listen & order it from here:
(Do check out the album Keith allowed me to post. It took me a long time and lot of thought to mix it and it still stands as a very special and unique example of the many talents of Keith Kenniff. Included are tracks showcasing his guitar/electronica/ambient/ music skills as well as some un heard Goldmund Piano tracks)

Oh! Almost forgot - Ps check out this new video of Helios live:
I have it on good authority he will be releasing a 'Mastered' version of it! (hopefully!)

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icastico said...

Don't worry, we love it. I listen to it often.