Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stars of the Lid - In Session 17.12.2002

Stars of the Lid - In Session 17.12.2002

Im really excited about this post. Superb quality and some songs which may be new or at least un-heard before. I may be wrong, I don't recognise a lot of this music. Nevertheless its an absolutely brilliant set and if you are a fan of SOtL this will be wonderful find, almost like a long lost album

[MF] download - mp3
[MF] download Flac - part 1 part 2


Oliver said...

Thank you, Downloading now! And the previous Jonsi post was so great - Hengilas is so wonderful live.

Anonymous said...

Awesome music here. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to have been recorded by VPRO in january 2002.See the archive of the Dwars sessies :

(Roll down to 2002)

Spirito Bono.