Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Dave Beans - The Loss and Recovery EP - EXCLUSIVE !

Dave Beans - The Loss and Recovery EP - EXCLUSIVE !

I am absolutely delighted to offer you this Beautiful EP for free download by the grace of the artist, David Beans. As David says on his website: The Loss and Recovery EP is a six song, thirty minute movement exploring the growth and movement acquired through loss and recovery. Each piece articulates various emotions including misfortune, doubt, desperation ||| love, faith hope.
This record is a short journey of thought compiling two years into one sunrise to sunset

This record would be a close tie for my no.1 record of the year. There are elements of Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds, Eluvium, modern classical, and Drone at its very best. There is such a powerful emotional content thredded throughout this music it reminds me what music is all about and anyone who can express their heart through music in this way will always be a firm favourite of mine. The track called Father made me cry. Thank you so much David for such beautiful music.

Track List:

01 Preface
02 Dream
03 Peaks
04 Father
05 Children
06 Remorse, meet Recovery


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